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Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Would you practice veterinary medicine without malpractice or fire insurance? If you answered no—you should secure employment practices liability (EPL) insurance immediately because it is just as important to a practice owner. EPL coverage responds to allegations of:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Discrimination (race, religion, gender, age, or disability)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unpaid overtime and breaks (wage and hour)

The AAHA Business Insurance Program offers this important coverage through a leading EPL provider, CNA. This comprehensive policy provides coverage for:

  • Complaints from current, former, or prospective employees
  • Volunteers (expanded definition of employee)
  • Third-party claims

The policy has a duty to defend provision, which means the insurance carrier must provide a defense even if the allegations made are groundless and false. Transfer your risk and the legal fees to the insurance company. Furthermore, the policy benefits include punitive damages coverage. Most EPL policies exclude punitive damages.

H.R. Help Line - Human Resources Consulting Advice for Policyholders at No Additional Cost

Policyholders can receive human resources consulting advice through the H.R. Help Line, which is provided by a national law firm that specializes in employment law. The attorneys who service the H.R. Help Line do not act as legal counsel to callers, but rather as human resources consultants, providing information regarding employment laws and risk control strategies. For example, callers can receive guidance about the impact of certain employment laws upon their workplace, and general information about the implementation of human resources policies and procedures.

Please note that the H.R. Help Line can not provide legal advice pertaining to specific personnel decisions.

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